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9th February 2016 to 13th February 2016


Ella Hickson

“I thought he knew I was playing make-believe – but he didn’t, I never told him ...”

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008, this collection of monologues offers a revelatory state-of-the-nation look at early 21st century Britain.


25th February 2016 to 27th February 2016


Simon Arrmitage

A Young People's Theatre production

Six friends are interviewed by the police after the disappearance of Lucy Lime, a strange unnerving girl whom they met beneath the cliffs on a Cornish beach, just before the total eclipse of the sun.


8th March 2016 to 12th March 2016

Richard III

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s dark and bloody re-writing of history dramatises the ruthless rise to power of the English king known ever since as one of theatre’s greatest villains.

The sly and dissembling Duke of Gloucester murders his way to the English throne in a Machiavellian coup d’etat; but his reign is short


19th April 2016 to 23rd April 2016

Be My Baby

Amanda Whittington

The swinging sixties are so firmly associated with sexual liberation that it’s easy to forget the generation of young, single mothers who never had it so bad. Set in a dour northern maternity home in 1964, we follow the fortunes of 19 year-old Mary Adams, unmarried and seven months pregnant.


3rd May 2016 to 7th May 2016


GĂ©rard Sibleyras, trans. by Tom Stoppard

It’s 1959 and Philippe, Gustave and Henri, three veterans from the First World War, dream of making their escape from the old soldiers’ home – well, at least as far as the poplar trees on the hill.


24th May 2016 to 28th May 2016

Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen, adapted by Jessica Swale

Cheated of their rightful inheritance, the Dashwood sisters and their mother are forced from the comfort of their family home to live in a humble Devon cottage.


14th June 2016 to 18th June 2016


Jane Austen, adapted by Jessica Swale

Hilary once protested at Greenham Common. Nowadays, her protests tend to focus on persuading her contemptuous teenage daughter to fully clothe herself when she goes out. A marriage in ruins and a career on the rocks only add to the perils of life for a middle-aged mum in Walthamstow.


12th July 2016 to 16th July 2016

Lords and Ladies

Terry Pratchett, adapted by Irana Brown

Let us transport you to the weird, faraway Discworld, where King Verence is to marry Magrat Garlick, a witch who’s finding it rather awkward adapting to court life at Lancre Castle.


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