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1Bishop's Candlestick, TheMcKinnell, Norman1911/12
2Pot LuckJennings, Gertrude1911/12
3Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1911/12
4Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1912/13
5Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1913/14
6Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1915/16
7Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1917/18
8Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1922/23
9Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1929/30
10Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet, TheShaw, George Bernard1950/51
11Press CuttingsShaw, George Bernard1911/12
12Press CuttingsShaw, George Bernard1912/13
13Press CuttingsShaw, George Bernard1913/14
14Press CuttingsShaw, George Bernard1914/15
15CandidaShaw, George Bernard1911/12
16CandidaShaw, George Bernard1912/13
17CandidaShaw, George Bernard1914/15
18CandidaShaw, George Bernard1915/16
19CandidaShaw, George Bernard1919/20
20CandidaShaw, George Bernard1935/36
21CandidaShaw, George Bernard1944/45
22Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1911/12
23Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1912/13
24Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1913/14
25Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1916/17
26Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1918/19
27Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1919/20
28Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1927/28
29Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1937/38
30Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1954/55
31How He Lied to Her HusbandShaw, George Bernard1911/12
32How He Lied to Her HusbandShaw, George Bernard1912/13
33How He Lied to Her HusbandShaw, George Bernard1929/30
34How He Lied to Her HusbandShaw, George Bernard1944/45
35Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1911/12
36Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1912/13
37Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1913/14
38Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1915/16
39Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1920/21
40Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1927/28
41Widowers' HousesShaw, George Bernard1933/34
42Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1912/13
43Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1916/17
44Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1922/23
45Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1942/43
46Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1952/53
47CowardsTiptaft, Norman1912/13
48CowardsTiptaft, Norman1913/14
49Shadows of the GlenSynge, J.M.1912/13
50Shadows of the GlenSynge, J.M.1913/14
51Shadows of the GlenSynge, J.M.1915/16
52Riders to the SeaSynge, J.M.1912/13
53Riders to the SeaSynge, J.M.1913/14
54Riders to the SeaSynge, J.M.1915/16
55GhostsIbsen, Henrik1912/13
56GhostsIbsen, Henrik1932/33
57Silver Box, TheGalsworthy, John1913/14
58Silver Box, TheGalsworthy, John1921/22
59Pygmalion and GalateaGilbert, W.S.1913/14
60Pygmalion and GalateaGilbert, W.S.1914/15
61Pygmalion and GalateaGilbert, W.S.1915/16
62Pygmalion and GalateaGilbert, W.S.1918/19
63Pygmalion and GalateaGilbert, W.S.1923/24BBC Broadcast
64Honeymoon, TheBennett, Arnold1913/14
65Over-ruledShaw, George Bernard1913/14
66Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1913/14
67Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1915/16
68Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1920/21Mr Shaw's visit
69Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1936/37
70Gentleman Who Was Sorry, TheLyons, Neil1913/14
71Woman's RightsMartin, Sackville1913/14
72Second-Storey Man, TheSinclair, Upton1913/14
73EvolutionTiptaft, Norman1913/14
74AshesPriestley, J.W.1913/14
75AshesPriestley, J.W.1915/16
76Recognition of the UnionDonald, Lindon1913/14
77Recognition of the UnionDonald, Lindon1915/16
78Getting at the FactsLyons, Neil1913/14
79Stalls for TwoBeck, Percy and Veitch, Norman1913/14
80Upon the WatersThompson, A.M. and Courtneidge, R.1913/14
81Pillars of SocietyIbsen, Henrik1914/15
82Pillars of SocietyIbsen, Henrik1927/28
83Pillars of SocietyIbsen, Henrik1950/51
84Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1914/15
85Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1917/18
86Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1918/19
87Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1919/20
88Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1936/37
89Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1953/54
90PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1914/15
91PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1915/16
92PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1916/17
93PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1917/18
94PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1918/19
95PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1919/20
96PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1936/37
97PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1953/54
98Eldest Son, TheGalsworthy, John1914/15
99Eldest Son, TheGalsworthy, John1915/16
100Learned WomenMolière1915/16
101Recidivist, TheHills, Ross1915/16First play at the Royal Arcade
102You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1915/16
103You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1916/17
104You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1918/19
105You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1920/21
106You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1938/39
107PhippsHoughton, Stanley1915/16
108Dear Departed, TheHoughton, Stanley1915/16
109Dear Departed, TheHoughton, Stanley1943/44
110Man of Destiny, TheShaw, George Bernard1915/16
111Man of Destiny, TheShaw, George Bernard1916/17
112Man of Destiny, TheShaw, George Bernard1931/32
113Man of Destiny, TheShaw, George Bernard1948/49
114Fanny's First PlayShaw, George Bernard1916/17
115Fanny's First PlayShaw, George Bernard1924/25
116Fanny's First PlayShaw, George Bernard1939/40
117Fanny's First PlayShaw, George Bernard1948/49
118Schoolmistress, ThePinero, Arthur Wing1916/17
119Schoolmistress, ThePinero, Arthur Wing1949/50
120What the Public WantsBennett, Arnold1916/17
121Androcles and the LionShaw, George Bernard1916/17
122Androcles and the LionShaw, George Bernard1919/20
123Androcles and the LionShaw, George Bernard1926/27
124Androcles and the LionShaw, George Bernard1941/42
125Proposal, TheChekhov, Anton1916/17
126Proposal, TheChekhov, Anton1919/20
127Proposal, TheChekhov, Anton1929/30
128Proposal, TheChekhov, Anton1934/35
129Proposal, TheChekhov, Anton1945/46
130RosalindBarrie, J.M.1916/17
131Twelve Pound Look, TheBarrie, J.M.1916/17
132Bear, TheChekhov, Anton1916/17
133Will, TheBarrie, J.M.1916/17
134Tom CobbGilbert, W.S.1916/17
135Admiral GuineaStevenson, R.L. and Henley1916/17
136Admiral GuineaStevenson, R.L. and Henley1917/18
137Admiral GuineaStevenson, R.L. and Henley1918/19
138Admiral GuineaStevenson, R.L. and Henley1921/22
139Lost Silk Hat, TheDunsany, Lord1917/18
140Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1917/18
141Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1926/27
142Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1945/46
143Three Daughters of M. Dupont, TheBrieux, Henri1918/19
144Three Daughters of M. Dupont, TheBrieux, Henri1932/33
145ReconstructionLea, Gordon1918/19
146Title, TheBennett, Arnold1918/19
147Title, TheBennett, Arnold1919/20
148Title, TheBennett, Arnold1920/21
149Admirable Crichton, TheBarrie, J.M.1919/20
150Hindle WakesHoughton, Stanley1919/20
151Hindle WakesHoughton, Stanley1920/21
152Beaver Coat, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1919/20
153Beaver Coat, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1920/21
154Beaver Coat, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1921/22
155Beaver Coat, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1926/27
156Beaver Coat, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1941/42
157Skin Game, TheGalsworthy, John1920/21
158Alice Sit-by-the-FireBarrie, J.M.1920/21
159Merry Wives of Windsor, TheShakespeare, William1920/21
160Merry Wives of Windsor, TheShakespeare, William1951/52
161Merry Wives of Windsor, TheShakespeare, William1988/89
162Plaster SaintsZangwill, Israel1921/22
163Devil's Disciple, TheShaw, George Bernard1921/22
164Devil's Disciple, TheShaw, George Bernard1926/27
165Devil's Disciple, TheShaw, George Bernard1938/39
166Rutherford and SonSowerby, Githa1921/22
167Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1921/22
168Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1925/26
169Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1928/29
170Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1931/32
171Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1945/46
172Mr Pim Passes ByMilne, A.A.1922/23
173Mr Pim Passes ByMilne, A.A.1924/25
174Getting MarriedShaw, George Bernard1922/23
175Getting MarriedShaw, George Bernard1938/39
176Getting MarriedShaw, George Bernard1948/49
177Return of the Prodigal, TheHankin, St.John1922/23
178On the High RoadChekhov, Anton1922/23
179Twelfth NightShakespeare, William1922/23
180Twelfth NightShakespeare, William1940/41
181Dark Lady of the Sonnets, TheShaw, George Bernard1922/23
182Dark Lady of the Sonnets, TheShaw, George Bernard1926/27
183Dark Lady of the Sonnets, TheShaw, George Bernard1943/44
184Post Office, TheTagore, Rabindranath1922/23
185Truth About Blayds, TheMilne, A.A.1923/24
186MisallianceShaw, George Bernard1923/24
187MisallianceShaw, George Bernard1925/26
188MisallianceShaw, George Bernard1929/30
189MisallianceShaw, George Bernard1947/48
190Ship, TheErvine, St. John1923/24
191WindowsGalsworthy, John1923/24
192WindowsGalsworthy, John1931/32
193Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1923/24
194Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1931/32
195Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1947/48
196Philanderer, TheShaw, George Bernard1923/24
197Philanderer, TheShaw, George Bernard1924/25
198Philanderer, TheShaw, George Bernard1943/44
199Back to MethuselahShaw, George Bernard1924/25
200Back to MethuselahShaw, George Bernard1930/31
201Great Broxopp, TheMilne, A.A.1924/25
202Conquering Hero, TheMonkhouse, Alan1924/25
203Conquering Hero, TheMonkhouse, Alan1925/26
204Conquering Hero, TheMonkhouse, Alan1936/37
205Enemy of the People, AnIbsen, Henrik1924/25
206Anna ChristieO'Neill, Eugene1924/25
207Anna ChristieO'Neill, Eugene1928/29
208Anna ChristieO'Neill, Eugene1931/32
209Anna ChristieO'Neill, Eugene1949/50
210Captain Brassbound's ConversionShaw, George Bernard1924/25
211Captain Brassbound's ConversionShaw, George Bernard1942/43
212False GodsBrieux, Henri1924/25
213Romantic Young Lady, TheSierra, G. Martinez1925/26
214Caesar and CleopatraShaw, George Bernard1925/26
215Caesar and CleopatraShaw, George Bernard1928/29
216Caesar and CleopatraShaw, George Bernard1934/35
217Caesar and CleopatraShaw, George Bernard1955/56
218InheritorsGlaspell, Susan1925/26
219Round Table, TheRobinson, Lennox1925/26
220StrifeGalsworthy, John1925/26
221Warriors of Helgeland, TheIbsen, Henrik1925/26
222Nightingale, TheVeitch, Edith and Norman1917/18
223Nightingale, TheVeitch, Edith and Norman1925/26
224Man and the MassesToller, Ernst1925/26
225Pigeon, TheGalsworthy, John1925/26
226Pigeon, TheGalsworthy, John1951/52
227Wild Duck, TheIbsen, Henrik1926/27
228Wild Duck, TheIbsen, Henrik1944/45
230Tale of a Soldier, TheRamuz, C.F.1926/27
231O'Flaherty V.C.Shaw, George Bernard1926/27
232O'Flaherty V.C.Shaw, George Bernard1929/30
233O'Flaherty V.C.Shaw, George Bernard1932/33
234Troilus and CressidaShakespeare, William1926/27
235Immortal Hour, TheBoughton, Rutland1926/27
236R.V.R.Capek, Karel1926/27
237R.V.R.Capek, Karel1929/30
238Cradle Song, TheSierra, G. Martinez1926/27
239Cradle Song, TheSierra, G. Martinez1929/30
240Cradle Song, TheSierra, G. Martinez1937/38
241HarlequinadeCalthorpe and Granville-Barker1926/27
242HarlequinadeCalthorpe and Granville-Barker1937/38
243RococoGranville-Barker, Harley1937/38
244RococoGranville-Barker, Harley1926/27
245King MidasVeitch, Edith and Norman1926/27
246EuniceBeck, P. and Veitch, Norman1926/27
247Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1927/28
248Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1929/30
249Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1930/31
250Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1931/32
251Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1932/33
252Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1936/37
253Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1950/51
254Show, TheGalsworthy, John1927/28
255Adding machine, TheRice, Elmer1927/28
256John Bull's Other IslandShaw, George Bernard1927/28
257John Bull's Other IslandShaw, George Bernard1931/32
258John Bull's Other IslandShaw, George Bernard1948/49
259Fruits of Enlightenment, TheTolstoy, Leo1927/28
260Three SistersChekhov, Anton1927/28
261Three SistersChekhov, Anton1937/38
262Three SistersChekhov, Anton1952/53
263Insect Play, TheCapek, Karel1927/28
264Insect Play, TheCapek, Karel1933/34
265Insect Play, TheCapek, Karel1940/41
266GruachBottomley, Gordon1927/28
267OthelloShakespeare, William1928/29
268OthelloShakespeare, William1950/51
269Critic, The (Opera)Sheridan, Richard Brinsley & Stanford, V.1927/28
270Six Characters in Search of an AuthorPirandello, Luigi1928/29
271RosmersholmIbsen, Henrik1928/29
272RosmersholmIbsen, Henrik1946/47
273Twelve ThousandFrank, Bruno1928/29
274Twelve ThousandFrank, Bruno1940/41
275Voysey Inheritance, TheGranville-Barker, Harley1928/29
276Voysey Inheritance, TheGranville-Barker, Harley1946/47
277King's Jewry, TheGlover, Halcott1928/29
278Tragedy of Nan, TheMasefield, John1928/29
279White Blackbird, TheRobinson, Lennox1928/29
280Pleasure GardenMayer, Beatrice1929/30First production at Rye Hill
281Rumour, TheMunro, C.K.1929/30
282Hundred Years Old, AQuintero, S. & J.A.1929/30
283Hundred Years Old, AQuintero, S. & J.A.1930/31
284Hundred Years Old, AQuintero, S. & J.A.1947/48
285Two Gentlemen of VeronaShakespeare, William1929/30
286Two Gentlemen of VeronaShakespeare, William1952/53
287Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1929/30
288Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1936/37
289Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1951/52
290Great CatherineShaw, George Bernard1929/30
291Great CatherineShaw, George Bernard1948/49
292Jitta's AtonementTrebitsch, Siegfried1930/31
293Way of the World, TheCongreve, William1930/31
294Way of the World, TheCongreve, William1951/52
295Crabbed Youth and AgeRobinson, Lennox1929/30
296Jane CleggErvine, St John1930/31
297Natural SelectionVeitch, Norman1930/31
298Imaginary Invalid, TheMolière1930/31
299Square PegsBax, Clifford1930/31
300Square PegsBax, Clifford1939/40
301Hind Let Loose, AMontague, C.E.1930/31
302Fisher of Shadows, TheSarment, Jean1930/31
303White-Headed Boy, TheRobinson, Lennox1930/31
304Rising Sun, TheHeijermans, Herman1930/31
305Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik1930/31
306Inspector General, TheGogol, Nikolai1930/31
307Inspector General, TheGogol, Nikolai1943/44
308An Author in Search of a New GrandmotherGriffen, Fred R.1930/31
309Two Shepherds, TheSierra, G. Martinez1930/31
310CheeseDunsany, Lord1930/31
311Balcony, ARoyde-Smith, Naomi1931/32
312Lady from Alfaqueque, TheQuintero, S. & J.A.1931/32
313Madras House, TheGranville-Barker, Harley1931/32
314School for Scandal, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1931/32
315Babes in the WoodGrant, Colin & Bacon, Fred1931/32
316Many WatersHoffe, Monkton1931/32
317Doctor KnockRomains, Jules1931/32
318Anatomist, TheBridie, James1931/32
319Anatomist, TheBridie, James1952/53
320These Things Shall BeHines, Leonard & King, Frank1931/32
321Little Man, TheGalsworthy, John1931/32
322Mock Beggar, TheKaye-Smith, Sheila1931/32
323TriflesGlaspell, Susan1931/32
325Unknown Warrior, TheRaynal, Paul1931/32
326Take Two from OneSierra, G. Martinez1931/32
327Playboy of the Western World, TheSynge, J.M.1931/32
328John Gabriel BorkmanIbsen, Henrik1931/32
329Iphegenia in TaurusEuripides1931/32
330MacbethShakespeare, William1931/32
331Peer GyntIbsen, Henrik1932/33
332Peer GyntIbsen, Henrik1933/34
333Peer GyntIbsen, Henrik1954/55
334Father, TheStrindberg, August1932/33
335Bloodybush EdgeGibson, Wilfred1932/33
336Applecart, TheShaw, George Bernard1932/33
337Applecart, TheShaw, George Bernard1941/42
338IvanovChekhov, Anton1932/33
339IvanovChekhov, Anton1954/55
340Right You ArePirandello, Luigi1932/33
341Right You ArePirandello, Luigi1953/54
342Old EnglishGalsworthy, John1932/33
343Kingdom of God, TheSierra, G. Martinez1932/33
344Melloney HoltspurMasefield, John1932/33
345WasteGranville-Barker, Harley1932/33
346Scar, TheKing, Robert1932/33
347Seven AmbulancesNorman, Stanley1932/33
348Don Abel Wrote a TragedyQuintero, S. & J.A.1932/33
349Romeo and JulietShakespeare, William1932/33
350Romeo and JulietShakespeare, William1967/68
351Romeo and JulietShakespeare, William1999/2000
353Bear Dances, TheLucas, F.L.1932/33
354Tobias and the AngelBridie, James1932/33
355Tobias and the AngelBridie, James1950/51
356LoyaltiesGalsworthy, John1933/34
357Surrender to DiscretionLucas, F.L.1933/34
358Trojan Women, TheEuripides1933/34
359Critic, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley & Stanford, V.1933/34
360Critic, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley & Stanford, V.1938/39
361SocratesBax, Clifford1933/34
362Dance of Death, TheStrindberg, August1933/34
363Love Passes ByQuintero, S. & J.A.1933/34
364And It Came To PassVeitch, Norman1933/34
365Henry IV Part 1Shakespeare, William1933/34
366Children in UniformWinsloe, Christa1933/34
367Children in UniformWinsloe, Christa1934/35
368Lady from the Sea, TheIbsen, Henrik1933/34
369Too True to be GoodShaw, George Bernard1933/34
370Too True to be GoodShaw, George Bernard1939/40
371She Passed through LorraineHale, Lionel1939/40
372Madonna of the Peach Tree, TheSimpson, A.A.Le M.1933/34
373HassanFlecker, J. Elroy1933/34
374HassanFlecker, J. Elroy1936/37
375HassanFlecker, J. Elroy1950/51
376Doctor's Dilemma, TheShaw, George Bernard1934/35
377Moon on the Yellow River, TheJohnston, Denis1934/35
378Knight of the Burning Pestle, TheBeaumont & Fletcher1934/35
379Abraham LincolnDrinkwater, John1934/35
380Squaring the CircleKatayev, Valentin1934/35
381Squaring the CircleKatayev, Valentin1940/41
382All for loveDryden, John1934/35
383CheapsideParish, James1934/35
384Mrs Warren's ProfessionShaw, George Bernard1934/35
385She Stoops to ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver1934/35
386She Stoops to ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver1954/55
387Reconciliation, TheHauptmann, Gerhardt1934/35
388Month in the Country, ATurgenev, Ivan1934/35
389Month in the Country, ATurgenev, Ivan1949/50
390King LearShakespeare, William1934/35
391Second Mrs Tanqueray, ThePinero, Arthur Wing1934/35
392EasterStrindberg, August1934/35
393Village Wedding, AShaw, George Bernard1934/35
394Lands EndLucas, F.L.1934/35
395Sleeping Clergyman, ABridie, James1934/35
396On the RocksShaw, George Bernard1935/36
397On the RocksShaw, George Bernard1948/49
398Miracle at VerdunChlumberg, Hans1935/36
399Genius at HomeDrew, Elizabeth1935/36
400GlamourBernard, Jean-Jaques1935/36
401Faust Pt.1Goethe, J.W.1935/36
402Front Page, TheHecht, Ben & McArthur, Chas.1935/36
403Viceroy SarahGinsbury, Norman1935/36
404Robinson Crusoe the SecondBeck, Percy & Veitch, Colin1935/36
405Flowers of the ForestVan Druton, John1935/36
406Lady Precious StreamHsiung, S.J.1935/36
407Lady Precious StreamHsiung, S.J.1936/37
408Rivals, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1935/36
409Letters in LightJohnston, Denis1935/36
410Richard IIShakespeare, William1935/36
411Pleasures of Honesty, ThePirandello, Luigi1935/36
412Long Christmas Dinner, TheWilder, Thornton1935/36
413What It Is To Be YoungBridie, James1935/36
414TriadKrog, Helge1935/36
415Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, TheShaw, George Bernard1935/36
416Indifferent HonestVeitch, Norman1935/36
417Old Men ForgetHugill, James1935/36
418Murder in the CathedralEliot, T.S.1936/67
419NoahObey, André1936/67
420NoahObey, André1942/43
421Berkeley SquareBalderson, John L.1936/37
422Babes in the HollywoodBeck, Percy & Veitch, Colin1936/37
423Happy and GloriousWalter, Wilfred1936/37
424Man I Killed, TheRostand, Maurice1936/37
425Ah! WildernessO'Neill, Eugene1936/37
426Ah! WildernessO'Neill, Eugene1945/46
427HamletShakespeare, William1936/37
428Professor BernhardiSchnitzler, Arthur1936/37
429Frogs, TheAristophanes1936/37
430Frogs, TheAristophanes1951/52
431Seven Deadly Virtues, TheWilliamson, Hugh Ross1936/37
432Lovely LassScott, William1936/37
433Pacifist, TheHugill, James1936/37
434Ascent of F6, TheAuden, W.H. & Isherwood, Christopher1937/38
435Five KilledHall, Mary Basil1937/38
436Juno and the PaycockO'Casey, Sean1937/38
437Juno and the PaycockO'Casey, Sean1944/45
438Love's Labours LostShakespeare, William1937/38
439Judgement DayRice, Elmer1937/38
440Millionairess, TheShaw, George Bernard1937/38
441In Theatre StreetLeNormand, H.R.1937/38
442I Have Five DaughtersMacnamara, Margaret1937/38
443Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, William1937/38
444Waiting for LeftyOdets, Clifford1937/38
445Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden, TheWilder, Thornton1937/38
446Beaux' Strategem, TheFarquhar, George1937/38
447Theatre RoyalFerber, Edna and Kaufman, G.1937/38
448Power and The Glory, TheCapek, Karel1938/39
449Plough and the Stars, TheO'Casey, Sean1938/39
450Plough and the Stars, TheO'Casey, Sean1948/49
451Master Builder, TheIbsen, Henrik1938/39
452Taming of the Shrew, TheShakespeare, William1938/39
453Trelawny of the WellsPinero, Arthur Wing1938/39
454Breadwinner, TheMaugham, Somerset1938/39
455Boy David, TheBarrie, J.M.1938/39
456Tudor MurderBarber, Eric1938/39
457Till the Day I DieOdets, Clifford1938/39
458Half Left FrontScott, William1938/39
459Philosophy of the Clock, TheDiericx, Walter1938/39
460Women Have Their Way, TheQuintero, S. & J.A.1938/39
461Lover, TheSierra, G. Martinez1938/39
462Accent on YouthRaphaelson, Samson1938/39
463Winter's Tale, TheShakespeare, William1938/39
464Close QuartersSomin, W.O.1938/39
465GenevaShaw, George Bernard1939/40
466Time and the ConwaysPriestley, J.B.1939/40
467Awake and SingOdets, Clifford1939/40
468Awake and SingOdets, Clifford1945/46
469Shadow of a Gunman, TheO'Casey, Sean1939/40
470Shadow of a Gunman, TheO'Casey, Sean1952/53
471End of the Beginning, TheO'Casey, Sean1939/40
472End of the Beginning, TheO'Casey, Sean1952/53
473Amphitryon 38Giraudoux, Jean1939/40
474Our TownWilder, Thornton1940/41
475Our TownWilder, Thornton1946/47
476Henry IVPirandello, Luigi1940/41
477King of Nowhere, TheBridie, James1940/41
478I've Been Here BeforePriestley, J.B.1940/41
479Sweet Wine of YouthMiall, Agnes1940/41
480While of Unsound MindRichenberg, Nan1940/41
481Women at WarPercy, Edward1940/41
482Anniversary, TheChekhov, Anton1940/41
483WintersetAnderson, Maxwell1941/42
484WintersetAnderson, Maxwell1946/47
486Boy from ViennaDenison, Peter1941/42
488Deluge, TheChester Morality Play1941/42
489Thunder RockArdray, Robert1941/42
490Peter and the WolfProkofiev, Sergei1941/42
491BridgeheadMayne, Rutherford1941/42
492Distant PointAfinogenev, A.N.1941/42
493Wives and DaughtersMacnamara, Margaret1941/42
494On Life's Sunny SideKrog, Helge1941/42
495Twice Upon a TimeDenison, Peter1942/43
496Shadow of Evil, TheLeNormand, H.R.1942/43
497Comedy of Errors, TheShakespeare, William1942/43
498House of Regrets, TheUstinov, Peter1942/43
499Country Wife, TheWycherley, William1942/43
500Red Roses for MeO'Casey, Sean1942/43
501Merchant of Venice, TheShakespeare, William1942/43
502Old Ladies, TheAckland, Rodney (Adapt. from Walpole, Hugh)1942/43
503Aaron's FieldBridson, D.G.1942/43
504Builders, TheBridson, D.G.1942/43
505In Good King Charles's Golden DaysShaw, George Bernard1942/43
506School for SlaveryBiro, Lajos1942/43
507Family Reunion, TheEliot, T.S.1943/44
508Purple DustO'Casey, Sean1943/44
509Elizabeth RefusesMacnamara, Margaret1943/44
510Mirror to ElizabethMartin, T.B.1943/44
511Banbury Nose, TheUstinov, Peter1943/44
512Shadow and SubstanceCarroll, Paul Vincent1943/44
513Punch and GoGalsworthy, John1934/35
514This is the NewsKnight, Henry1943/44
515We Got RhythmRatcliffe, Nora1943/44
516Man with the Bowler Hat, TheMilne, A.A.1943/44
517Tempest, TheShakespeare, William1943/44
518Infernal Machine, TheCocteau, Jean1943/44
519Infernal Machine, TheCocteau, Jean1956/57
520Drama at InishRobinson, Lennox1943/44
521They Came to a CityPriestley, J.B.1943/44
522Trial of a JudgeSpender, Stephen1944/45
523Music at NightPriestley, J.B.1944/45
524Break AwayVarious1944/45
525White Steed, TheCarroll, Paul Vincent1944/45
526As You Like ItShakespeare, William1944/45
527Man's House, ADrinkwater, John1944/45
528Motherly and Auspicious, TheCollis, Maurice1944/45
529Land of Heart's Desire, TheYeats, W.B.1944/45
530Break-UpKrog, Helge1944/45
531Great God Brown, TheO'Neill, Eugene1944/45
532Crisis in HeavenLinklater, Eric1944/45
534White Rose, TheFisher, Richard & Wyndham Lewis, D.B.1945/46
535Rape of the Locks, TheMurray, Gilbert1945/46
536Flashing Stream, TheMorgan, Charles1945/46
537TarantellaNicholson, W.R. (from Belloc, Hilaire)1945/46
538Renaissance NightMorris, T.B.1945/46
539Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William1945/46
540Family PortraitCoffee, Leonore & Cowen, W.1945/46
541Springtime of Others, TheBernard, Jean-Jacques1945/46
542Father Malachy's MiracleDoherty, Brian1945/46
543Old Man of the Mountains, TheNicholson, Norman1945/46
544Mask and the Face, TheFernald, C.B. (after Chiavelli)1946/47
545Dr FaustusMarlowe, Christopher1946/47
546Rhondda RoundaboutJones, Jack1946/47
547Shadow Factory, TheRidler, Anne1946/47
548Tomorrow Will Be DifferentMagno, Peschoal Carlos1946/47
549Comedy of Good and Evil, AHughes, Richard1946/47
550Johnson over JordanPriestley, J.B.1946/47
551Thracian Horses, TheValency, Maurice J.1946/47
552Skipper Next to GodHartog, Jan de1947/48
553Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William1947/48
554High TorAnderson, Maxwell1947/48
555Quay SouthClewes, Howard1947/48
556White Devil, TheWebster, John1947/48
557Zeal of Thy House, TheSayers, Dorothy1947/48
558Phoenix Too Frequent, AFry, Christopher1947/48
559Happy As LarryMcDonagh, Donagh1947/48
560Whole World Over, TheSimonov, Konstantin1947/48
561Shoemaker's Holiday, TheDekker, Thomas1947/48
562CockpitBoland, Bridget1948/49
563MartineBernard, Jean-Jacques1948/49
564CoriolanusShakespeare, William1948/49
565Prophesy to the WindNicholson, Norman1948/49
566Love for LoveCongreve, William1948/49
567AntigoneAnouilh, Jean1948/49
568CymbelineShakespeare, William1949/50
569AsmodéeMauriac, François1949/50
570Cock-a-Doodle DandyO'Casey, Sean1949/50
571Buoyant BillionsShaw, George Bernard1949/50
572Alchemist, TheJonson, Ben1949/50
573Fading MansionAnouilh, Jean1949/50
574Vigil, TheFodor, Ladislas1949/50
575John Keats Lived HereRaymond, Diane1949/50
576Recruiting Officer, TheFarquhar, George1949/50
578Amphitryon 38Giraudoux, Jean1950/51
579Skin of Our Teeth, TheWilder, Thornton1950/51
580Stone in the MidstDickinson, Patric1950/51
581Bookshop, TheBernard, Jean-Jacques1950/51
582Far Fetched FablesShaw, George Bernard1950/51
583Merchant of Yonkers, TheWilder, Thornton1950/51
584Vacant PossessionMachen, W.1950/51
585Summer Day's Dream, APriestley, J.B.1950/51
586Queen ElizabethWilliamson, Hugh Ross1951/52
587Madwoman of Chaillot, TheGiraudoux, Jean1951/52
588Hopeful Travellers, TheMartens, G.M. & Obey, André1951/52
589Point of DepartureAnouilh, Jean1951/52
590Cocktail Party, TheEliot, T.S.1951/52
591Saints DayWhiting, John1951/52
592Castle of Deception, ThePhilp, P.1951/52
593Thieves' Carnival, TheAnouilh, Jean1952/53
594Sleep of Prisoners, TheFry, Christopher1952/53
595Prodigious Snob, TheMolière1952/53
596Flies, TheSartre, Jean-Paul1952/53
597Moment of Truth, TheUstinov, Peter1952/53
598Penny for a SongWhiting, John1952/53
599Confederacy, TheVanbrugh, John1952/53
600ColombeAnouilh, Jean1953/54
601PericlesShakespeare, William1953/54
602God's GentryMcDonagh, Donagh1953/54
603Dragon's MouthPriestley, J.B. & Hawkes, Jacquetta1953/54
604Marriage à la ModeDryden, John1953/54
605River Line, TheMorgan, Charles1953/54
606Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, William1953/54
607BacchusCocteau, Jean1953/54
608Dark of the MoonRichardson, Howard & Berney, Wm.1953/54
609Venus ObservedFry, Christopher1953/54
610Trouble-Makers, TheBellar, George1954/55
611Play's The Thing, TheVarious1954/55
612Sylvia and the GhostAdam, Alfred1954/55
613School for Wives, TheMolière???Malleson???1954/55
614Prisoner, TheBoland, Bridget1954/55
615Marching SongWhiting, John1954/55
616Burning Glass, TheMorgan, Charles1954/55
617In the Summer HouseBowles, Jane1954/55
618Ring Round the MoonAnouilh, Jean1954/55
619Man of GodMarcel, Gabriel1955/56
620Antony and CleopatraShakespeare, William1955/56
621X=0, A Night of the Trojan WarDrinkwater, John1955/56
622Sacrifice to the WindObey, André (Trans. Whiting, John)1955/56
623World's Wonder, TheReid, Alex1955/56
624Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar1955/56
625Dark is Light Enough, TheFry, Christopher1955/56
626Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee1955/56
628Guests, TheZorin, Leonid1955/56
629Duchess of Malfi, TheWebster, John1955/56
630Confidential Clerk, TheEliot, T.S.1955/56
631Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1955/56
632Misery MeCannan, Dennis1956/57
633NekrassovSartre, Jean-Paul1956/57
635Ring Game, TheDe Francquer1956/57
636Merchant of Venice, TheShakespeare, William1956/57
637Wild Duck, TheIbsen, Henrik1956/57
638Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur1956/57
639Summer and SmokeWilliams, Tennessee1956/57
640Venice PreservedOtway, Thomas1956/57
641Mulberry Bush, TheWilson, Angus1956/57
642Lady's Not For Burning, TheFry, Christopher1956/57
643Burnt Flower-Bed, TheBetti, Ugo1956/57
644Power and The Glory, TheGreene, Graham1956/57
645Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel1957/58
646Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1957/58
647Step-In-The-HollowMcDonagh, Donagh1957/58
648Winter's Tale, TheShakespeare, William1957/58
649Juno and the PaycockO'Casey, Sean1957/58
650Mornings at SevenOsborn, Paul1957/58
651Empty Chair, TheUstinov, Peter1957/58
652Under Milk WoodThomas, Dylan1957/58
653Firstborn, TheFry, Christopher1957/58
654Chairs, TheIonesco, Eugene1957/58
655Happy As LarryMcDonagh, Donagh1957/58
656Camino RealWilliams, Tennessee1957/58
657Living Room, TheGreene, Graham1957/58
658View From the Bridge, AMiller, Arthur1958/59
659Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1958/59
660Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William1958/59
661Strong Are Lonely, TheHochwalder, Fritz1958/59
662CandidaShaw, George Bernard1958/59
663Memory of Two Mondays, TheMiller, Arthur1958/59
664Long Christmas Dinner, TheWilder, Thornton1958/59
665Tiger at the GatesGiraudoux, Jean1958/59
666Return, TheBoland, Bridget1958/59
667Rivals, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1958/59
668Resounding Tinkle, ASimpson, N.F.1958/59
669SouthGreen, Julian1958/59
670Waltz of the Toreadors, TheAnouilh, Jean1958/59
671Ah! WildernessO'Neill, Eugene1959/60
672Shadow of HeroesArdray, Robert1959/60
673Birthday Party, ThePinter, Harold1959/60
674Julius CaesarShakespeare, William1959/60
675Epitaph for George DillonOsborne, John1959/60
676Good Woman of Setzuan, TheBrecht, Bertold and Weill, Kurt1959/60
677Enemy of the People, AnIbsen, Henrik1959/60
678Beaux' Strategem, TheFarquhar, George1959/60
679House of Bernarda Alba, TheLorca, Frederico Garcia1959/60
680Doctor's Dilemma, TheShaw, George Bernard1959/60
681Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur1959/60
682Penny for a SongWhiting, John1959/60
683Mr BolfryBridie, James1960/61
684Sergeant Musgrave's DanceArden, John1960/61
685Two for the See-SawGibson, William1960/61
686Richard IIShakespeare, William1960/61
687Lady from the Sea, TheIbsen, Henrik1960/61
688Crime on Goat IslandBetti, Ugo1960/61
689Duenna, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1960/61
690Rough and Ready Lot, TheOwen, Alun1960/61
691Inherit the WindLawrence, Jerome & Lee, R.E.1960/61
692Henry IVPirandello, Luigi1960/61
693Long, the Short and the Tall, TheHall, Willis1960/61
694Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at ColonusSophocles1960/61
695One Way PendulumSimpson, N.F.1961/62
696Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik1961/62
697GalileoBrecht, Bertold1961/62
698As You Like ItShakespeare, William1961/62
699Family Reunion, TheEliot, T.S.1961/62
700Orpheus DescendingWilliams, Tennessee1961/62
701Tinker, TheDobie, Laurence & Sloman, Robert1961/62
702PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1961/62
703VolponeJonson, Ben1961/62
704World of Sweeney Todd, TheScott, Bill & Appleby, Ken, Music by Stattersfield, Peter1961/62
705Wrong Side of the Park, TheMortimer, John1961/62
706Madwoman of Chaillot, TheGiraudoux, Jean1961/62
707Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1962/63First play at The Lyric
708Passage to IndiaForster, E.M.1962/63
709Victims of DutyIonesco, Eugene1962/63
710Zoo StoryAlbee, Edward1962/63
711Twelfth NightShakespeare, William1962/63
712Man for All Seasons, ABolt, Robert1962/63
713Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1962/63
714Fire Raisers, TheFrisch, Max1962/63
715New Way to Pay Old Debts, AMassinger, Philip1962/63
716BecketAnouilh, Jean1962/63
717Skin of Our Teeth, TheWilder, Thornton1962/63
718Count DederlandFrisch, Max1962/63
719You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1962/63
720Shifting Heart, TheBeynon1963/64
721Edward IIMarlowe, Christopher1963/64
722VascoSchehade, Georges1963/64
723No Women Mr ShakespeareScott, Bill et al. Music by Stattersfield, Peter1963/64
724Keep, TheThomas, Gwyn1963/64
725Stephen DLeonard, Hugh1963/64
726Ideal Husband, AnWilde, Oscar1963/64
727King LearShakespeare, William1963/64
728Doctors of PhilosophySpark, Muriel1963/64
729Pillars of SocietyIbsen, Henrik1963/64
730Caretaker, ThePinter, Harold1963/64
731School for Scandal, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1963/64
732Plough and the Stars, TheO'Casey, Sean1964/65
733Dr FaustusMarlowe, Christopher1964/65
734Next Time I'll Sing To YouSaunders, James1964/65
735Workhouse DonkeyArden, John1964/65
736Long Day's Journey Into NightO'Neill, Eugene1964/65
737Devil's Disciple, TheShaw, George Bernard1964/65
738Henry IV Part 1Shakespeare, William1964/65
739Do You Know the Milky Way?Wittlinger, Karl1964/65
740AntigoneAnouilh, Jean1964/65
741Henry IV Part 2Shakespeare, William1964/65
742Cocktail Party, TheEliot, T.S.1964/65
743Government Inspector, TheGogol, Nikolai1964/65
744Marriage of Mr Mississippi, TheDürrenmatt, Friedrich1965/66
745Love for LoveCongreve, William1965/66
746Say NothingHanley, James1965/66
747Three SistersChekhov, Anton1965/66
748Huis ClosSartre, Jean-Paul1965/66Gulbenkian
749Arms and the ManShaw, George Bernard1965/66
750Scent of Flowers, ASaunders, James1965/66
751Richard of BordeauxDaviot, Gordon1965/66
752Poor BitosAnouilh, Jean1965/66
753AndorraFrisch, Max1965/66
754Lady's Not For Burning, TheFry, Christopher1965/66
755Taming of the Shrew, TheShakespeare, William1965/66
756Night of the Iguana, TheWilliams, Tennessee1965/66
757HassanFlecker, J. Elroy1965/66Youth Theatre
758Constant Wife, TheMaugham, Somerset1966/67
759LutherOsborne, John1966/67
760WasteGranville-Barker, Harley1966/67
761Time Steppers, TheScott, Bill et al.,Music by Stattersfield, Peter1966/67
762Blood WeddingLorca, Frederico Garcia1966/67
763Schoolmistress, ThePinero, Arthur Wing1966/67
764Saint JoanShaw, George Bernard1966/67
765Heritage and its History, ABurnett, Ivy C.1966/67
766Alchemist, TheJonson, Ben1966/67
767After the FallMiller, Arthur1966/67
768Armstrong's Last GoodnightArden, John1966/67
769Master Builder, TheIbsen, Henrik1966/67
770Lay of Theseus, TheNot recorded1966/67Youth Theatre
771EndgameBeckett, Samuel1966/67Studio
772Miss JulieStrindberg, August1966/67Studio
773War and PeaceTolstoy, Leo1967/68
774Oh What A Lovely War!Littlewood at al.1967/68
775Richard IIIShakespeare, William1967/68
776Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar1967/68
777Anniversary, TheMcIlwraith, Bill1967/68
778Devils, TheWhiting, John1967/68
779Trelawney of the WellsPinero, Arthur Wing1967/68
780Representative, TheHochhuth, Rolf1967/68
781Wings of a Dove, TheJames, Henry1967/68
782Caesar and CleopatraShaw, George Bernard1967/68
783Little Malcolm & His Struggle Against the EunuchsHalliwell, David1967/68
784Five Finger ExerciseShaffer, Peter1968/69
785Visit, TheDürrenmatt, Friedrich1968/69
786Peer GyntIbsen, Henrik1968/69
787World of Sweeney Todd, TheScott, Bill & Appleby, Ken, Music by Stattersfield, Peter1968/69
788Day in the Death of Joe Egg, ANichols, Peter1968/69
789Murder in the CathedralEliot, T.S.1968/69
790Daughter in Law, TheLawrence, D.H.1968/69
791Cat on a Hot Tin RoofWilliams, Tennessee1968/69
792Promise, TheArbuzov, Alexei1968/69
793Matchmaker, TheWilder, Thornton1968/69
794Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur1968/69
795Artful Widow, TheGoldini, Carlo1968/69
796After the RainBowen, John1968/69Youth Theatre
797Orphans GaloreNot recorded1968/69Youth Theatre
798Lion in Winter, TheGoldman, James1969/70
799DromedaryBenedictus, David1969/70
800Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1969/70
801HamletShakespeare, William1969/70
802AladdinScott, Bill, Music by Stattersfield, Peter1969/70
803After the RainBowen, John1969/70
804Sergeant Musgrave's DanceArden, John1969/70
805Rehearsal, TheAnouilh, Jean1969/70
806In The Matter of J. Robert OppenheimerKipphardt, Heinar1969/70
807Six Characters in Search of an AuthorPirandello, Luigi1969/70
808Country Wife, TheWycherley, William1969/70
809Hotel In Amsterdam, AOsborne, John1969/70
810Marat/SadeWeiss, Peter1969/70
812Merry Wives of Windsor, TheShakespeare, William1969/70Youth Theatre
813Shakespeare versus the RestVarious1969/70Studio
814Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold1970/71
815Macrune's GuevaraSpurling, John1970/71
816Private LivesCoward, Noël1970/71
817Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William1970/71
818After You With The ArtsVarious1970/71
819In CelebrationStorey, David1970/71
820White Devil, TheWebster, John1970/71
8214Barnes, Peter1970/71
822Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, TheBrecht, Bertold1970/71
823Streetcar Named Desire, AWilliams, Tennessee1970/71
824Price, TheMiller, Arthur1970/71
825Philanderer, TheShaw, George Bernard1970/71
826Point of DepartureAnouilh, Jean1970/71
827Delicate Balance, AAlbee, Edward1971/72
828Royal Hunt of the SunShaffer, Peter1971/72
829Enter A Free ManStoppard, Tom1971/72
830Amphitryon 38Giraudoux, Jean1971/72
831Boy Friend, TheWilson, Sandy1971/72
832Restoration of Arnold Middleton, TheStorey, David1971/72
833OthelloShakespeare, William1971/72
834Quaker in Cullercoats, AHadaway, Tom1971/72
835Rattle of a Simple ManDyer, Charles1971/72
836Saints DayWhiting, John1971/72
837Relapse, TheVanbrugh, John1971/72
838Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik1971/72
839After HaggertyMercer, David1971/72
840Who's Who in Flapland, AHalliwell, David1972/73
841Black ComedyShaffer, Peter1972/73
842Yard of Sun, AFry, Christopher1972/73
843Month in the Country, ATurgenev, Ivan1972/73
844Balcony, TheGenet, Jean1972/73
845Salad DaysReynolds & Slade1972/73
846Waltz of the Toreadors, TheAnouilh, Jean1972/73
847Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William1972/73
848Forty Years OnBennett, Alan1972/73
849Tiny AliceAlbee, Edward1972/73
850So What's Funny About It?Young et al.1972/73
851Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1972/73
852Krapp's Last TapeBeckett, Samuel1972/73
853Happy DaysBeckett, Samuel1972/73
854Captain of Kopenick, TheZuckmayer, Carl1972/73
855TamburlaineMarlowe, Christopher1972/73
856Blithe SpiritCoward, Noël1972/73
857Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Albee, Edward1973/74
858HassanFlecker, J. Elroy1973/74
859Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon MarigoldsZindel, Paul1973/74
860In the Heart of the British MuseumSpurling, John1973/74
861She Stoops to ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver1973/74
862Christmas CarolDickens, Charles1973/74
863Admirable Crichton, TheBarrie, J.M.1973/74
864People Are Living ThereFugard, Athol1973/74
865Family Reunion, TheEliot, T.S.1973/74
866Hearts and Minds Job, AHaworth, Don1973/74
867MacbethShakespeare, William1973/74
868Old TimesPinter, Harold1973/74
869Play of William Cooper & Edmund Dew-Nevitt, TheSelbourne, David1973/74
870Beaux' Strategem, TheFarquhar, George1973/74
871Nuns, TheManet, Eduard1973/74
872Present LaughterCoward, Noël1973/74
873CandidaShaw, George Bernard1975/76
874Vivat! Vivat! ReginaBolt, Robert1975/76
875Time and Time AgainAyckbourn, Alan1975/76
876Garden DistrictWilliams, Tennessee1975/76
877OliverBart, Lionel1975/76
878Hay FeverCoward, Noël1975/76
879Winter's Tale, TheShakespeare, William1975/76
880DaLeonard, Hugh1975/76
881View from the Bridge, AMiller, Arthur1975/76
882When We Are MarriedPriestley, J.B.1975/76
883ShrivingsShaffer, Peter1975/76
884Misanthrope, TheMolière1975/76
885Our TownWilder, Thornton1975/76
886Browning Version / HarlequinadeRattigan, Terence1976/77
887GhostsIbsen, Henrik1976/77
888Saturday, Sunday, MondayFilippo, Eduardo de1976/77
889Twelfth NightShakespeare, William1976/77
890Card, TheWaterhouse, K. & Hall, W.1976/77
891Relatively SpeakingAyckbourn, Alan1976/77
892Thieves' Carnival, TheAnouilh, Jean1976/77
893Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1976/77
894Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are DeadStoppard, Tom1976/77
895Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee1976/77
896You Never Can TellShaw, George Bernard1976/77
897Man for All Seasons, ABolt, Robert1976/77
898ChildrenGurney, A.R. Jr1976/77
899SleuthShaffer, Anthony1977/78
900Lady Windermere's FanWilde, Oscar1977/78
901Julius CaesarShakespeare, William1977/78
902Dance of Death, TheStrindberg, August1977/78
903No Women Mr ShakespeareScott, Bill et al.1977/78
904Gingerbread Lady, TheSimon, Neil1977/78
905Recruiting Officer, TheFarquhar, George1977/78
906Birthday Party, ThePinter, Harold1977/78
907Juno and the PaycockO'Casey, Sean1977/78
908Family Dance, TheBrowne, Felicity1977/78
909Entertainer, TheOsborne, John1977/78
910Major BarbaraShaw, George Bernard1977/78
911Rookery NookTravers, Ben1977/78
912Play With FireNot recorded1975/76Gulbenkian production
913Bomb Show, TheNot recorded1975/76Gulbenkian production
914After MagritteStoppard, Tom1977/78Gulbenkian production
915Sea Anchor, TheWhitehead, E.A.1977/78Gulbenkian production
917On ApprovalLonsdale, Frederick1978/79
918YermaLorca, Frederico Garcia1978/79
919Habeas CorpusBennett, Alan1978/79
920Duchess of Malfi, TheWebster, John1978/79
921Jack and the BeanstalkAdams, P.H. and Carter, C.1978/79
922Romanov and JulietUstinov, Peter1978/79
923Cause CélèbreRattigan, Terence1978/79
924All OverAlbee, Edward1978/79
925Idiot, TheDostoevsky (Adapted by Simon Gray)1978/79
926Summer and SmokeWilliams, Tennessee1978/79
927TravestiesStoppard, Tom1978/79
928CabaretMasteroff, Joe1978/79
929London AssuranceBouccicault, Dion1978/79
930OthelloShakespeare, William1978/79Studio
931See How They RunKing, Philip1979/80
932Woman of No Importance, AWilde, Oscar1979/80
933King LearShakespeare, William1979/80
934EquusShaffer, Peter1979/80
935Babes In The WoodNot recorded1979/80
936Dangerous CornerPriestley, J.B.1979/80
937City SugarPoliakoff, Stephen1979/80
938Cowardy CustardFrow, G., Strachan A., & Toye W.1979/80
939Long Day's Journey Into NightO'Neill, Eugene1979/80
940Madwoman of Chaillot, TheGiraudoux, Jean1979/80
941One Flew Over The Cuckoo's NestWasserman, Dale1979/80
942Man and SupermanShaw, George Bernard1979/80
943StevieWhitemore, Hugh1979/80
944Cuckoo in the Nest, ATravers, Ben1980/81
945Crown MatrimonialRyton, Royce1980/81
946Kennedy's ChildrenPatrick, Robert1980/81Studio
947Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel1980/81Studio
948Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Any More, TheWilliams, Tennessee1980/81
949IvanovChekhov, Anton1980/81
950Dick WhittingtonNot recorded1980/81
951Innocents, TheJames, Henry1980/81
952Half-LifeMitchell, Julian1980/81
953PhèdreRacine, Jean1980/81
954Front Page, TheHecht, Ben & McArthur, Chas.1980/81
955Old Country, TheBennett, Alan1980/81
956FilumenaFillipo, Eduardo de1980/81
957Henry VShakespeare, William1980/81Studio
958Lady from the Sea, TheIbsen, Henrik1980/81
959Under Milk WoodThomas, Dylan1980/81
960MagnificenceBrenton, Howard1980/81Studio
961Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar1981/82
962RossRattigan, Terence1981/82
963All My SonsMiller, Arthur1981/82
964Whose Life Is It Anyway?Clark, Brian1981/82
965Gingerbread Man, TheWood, David1981/82
966Look Back In AngerOsborne, John1981/82Studio
967Philadelphia Here I Come!Friel, Brian1981/82
968Night and DayStoppard, Tom1981/82
969Small ChangeGill, Peter1981/82Studio
970Heartbreak HouseShaw, George Bernard1981/82
971Close the Coalhouse DoorChaplin, Sid and Plater, Alan1981/82
972Ideal Husband, AnWilde, Oscar1981/82
973BetrayalPinter, Harold1981/82
974Merchant, TheWesker, Arnold1981/82Studio
975Three SistersChekhov, Anton1981/82
976LootOrton, Joe1981/82
977Diary of Anne FrankGoodrich, Frances and Hackett, Albert1982/83Studio
978Bequest to the NationRattigan, Terence1982/83
979PiafGems, Pam1982/83
980Light Shining in BuckinghamshireChurchill, Caryl1982/83Studio
981CinderellaMorley, John1982/83
982Elephant Man, ThePomerance, Bernard1982/83
983Way of the World, TheCongreve, William1982/83
984Dresser, TheHarwood, Ronald1982/83
985GodspellSchwartz, Stephen1982/83
986Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur1982/83
987Accrington Pals, TheWhelan, Peter1982/83
988Regency Handicap, TheThompson, Douglas A.1982/83
989Taking StepsAyckbourn, Alan1982/83
990Marching SongWhiting, John1983/84
991Threepenny Opera, TheBrecht, Bertold1983/84
992Abigail's PartyLeigh, Mike1983/84Studio
993Born in the GardensNichols, Peter1983/84
994Alchemist, TheJonson, Ben1983/84
995Toad of Toad HallMilne, A.A.1983/84
996Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Albee, Edward1983/84
997Blithe SpiritCoward, Noël1983/84
998TranslationsFriel, Brian1983/84
999On the RazzleStoppard, Tom1983/84
1000SummerBond, Edward1983/84
1001Murder in the CathedralEliot, T.S.1983/84
1002Night Must FallWilliams, Emlyn1983/84
1003Can't Pay, Won't PayFilippo, Eduardo de1983/84
1004Landscape / SilencePinter, Harold1983/84Studio
1005Oh What a Lovely War!Littlewood et al.1983/84
1006Cider with RosieLee, Laurie1983/84
1007Streetcar Named Desire, AWilliams, Tennessee1984/85
1008GoodTaylor, C.P.1984/85
1009Richard IIShakespeare, William1984/85
1010Brief LivesAubrey, John1984/85Studio
1011Educating RitaRussell, Willy1984/85
1012AladdinScott, Bill1984/85
1013Caretaker, ThePinter, Harold1984/85
1014Quartermaine's TermsGray, Simon1984/85
1015David CopperfieldSouthworth, John (from Dickens)1984/85
1016NijinskyDoyle, Rex1984/85Studio
1017Getting OnBennett, Alan1984/85
1018Once A CatholicO'Malley, Mary1984/85
1019Not About HeroesMacDonald, Stephen1984/85
1021LentWilcox, Michael1984/85Studio
1022Lark RiseDewhurst, Keith1984/85
1023And A Nightingale SangTaylor, C.P.1985/86
1024Lord Arthur Saville's CrimeCox, Constant (from Wilde)1985/86
1025Changeling, TheMiddleton, Thomas1985/86
1026Season's GreetingsAyckbourn, Alan1985/86
1027Goldilocks and the Three BearsMorley, John1985/86
1028Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold1985/86
1029Cocktail Party, TheEliot, T.S.1985/86
1030Farndale Avenue....Macbeth, TheMcGillivray, David1985/86
1031BentSherman, Martin1985/86Studio
1032Private LivesCoward, Noël1985/86
1034Blood BrothersRussell, Willy1985/86
1035Passion PlayNichols, Peter1985/86
1036Tempest, TheShakespeare, William1985/86
1037River RatsMcKenzie, Arthur1985/86Studio
1038PygmalionShaw, George Bernard1986/87
1039Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel1986/87
1040Rat in the SkullHutchinson, Ron1986/87Studio
1041AmadeusShaffer, Peter1986/87
1042Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, ThePresson (from Spark, Muriel)1986/87
1043Mother GooseChris Goulding et al.1986/87
1044On Golden PondThompson, Ernest1986/87
1045Children of a Lesser GodMedoff, Mark1986/87
1046Chalk Garden, TheBagnold, Edith1986/87
1047What the Butler SawOrton, Joe1986/87
1048Voyage Round My Father, AMortimer , John1986/87
1049Breaking the SilencePoliakoff, Stephen1986/87
1050Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee1986/87
1051"Maria Marten or ""Murder in the Red Barn"""Anon & Chris Goulding1986/87
1052Trumpets and RaspberriesFo, Dario1987/88
1053Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, William1987/88
1054Agnes of GodPielmeier, John1987/88Studio
1055Playboy of the Western World, TheSynge, J.M.1987/88
1056California SuiteSimon, Neil1987/88
1057Dracula Spectacula, TheGardiner, John1987/88
1058When the Wind BlowsBriggs, Raymond1987/88
1059Canterbury TalesChaucer, Geoffrey (adapt. Woods/Bogdanov)1987/88Studio
1060HomeStorey, David1987/88
1061Mother CourageBrecht, Bertold1987/88
1062True WestSheppard, Sam1987/88Studio
1063Spring and Port WineNaughton, Bill1987/88
1064Forget-Me-Not LaneNichols, Peter1987/88
1065Dragon, TheSchwartz, Yevgeny1987/88Studio
1066Rivals, TheSheridan, Richard Brinsley1987/88
1067Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, TheBolt, Robert1987/88
1068Kafka's DickBennett, Alan1988/89
1069Tales from HollywoodHampton, Christopher1988/89
1070Hard TimesDickens, Charles (adapt. Jeffreys)1988/89
1072SkirmishesHayes, Catherine1988/89
1073Plotters of Cabbage Patch CornerWood, David1988/89
1074Hay FeverCoward, Noël1988/89
1075Sentimental Journey, ASterne, Laurence1988/89Studio
1076Chorus of Disapproval, AAyckbourn, Alan1988/89
1077Passion, TheHarrison, Tony1988/89
1078Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1988/89
1079Day in the Death of Joe Egg, ANichols, Peter1988/89
1080Sunshine Boys, TheSimon, Neil1988/89
1081Tom and VivHastings, Michael1988/89Studio
1082House of Bernarda Alba, TheLorca, Frederico Garcia1988/89
1083Guys and DollsLoesser, Swerling & Burrows1988/89
1084Noises OffFrayn, Michael1989/90
1085HamletShakespeare, William1989/90
1086MemoriesMiller, Stephanie1989/90
1087And A Nightingale SangTaylor, C.P.1989/90
1088PravdaBrenton, Howard & Hare, D1989/90
1089Daisy Pulls It OffDeegan, Denise1989/90
1090Wizard of Oz, TheBaum, Frank1989/90
1091Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadStoppard, Tom1989/90
1092Norman Conquests, TheAyckbourn, Alan1989/90
1093Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur1989/90
1094Thérèse RaquinSands, Leslie (from Zola)1989/90
1095Come On JeevesWodehouse, P.G.1989/90
1096Cat on a Hot Tin RoofWilliams, Tennessee1989/90
1097Enemy of the People, AnIbsen, Henrik1989/90Studio
1098Stepping OutHarris, Richard1989/90
1099Kiss of the SpiderwomanPuig, Manuel1990/91Studio
1100Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton1990/91
1101Dangerous ObsessionCrisp, N.J.1990/91
1102Habeas CorpusBennett, Alan1990/91
1103Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾, TheTownsend, Sue1990/91
1104PinocchioWay, Brian1990/91
1105View from the Bridge, AMiller, Arthur1990/91
1106Bedroom FarceAyckbourn, Alan1990/91
1107Our Country's GoodWertenbaker, Timberlake1990/91
1108Brighton Beach MemoirsSimon, Neil1990/91
1109Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1990/91
1110Glengarry Glen RossMamet, David1990/91Studio
1111Lend Me a TenorLudwig, Ken1990/91
1112When We Are MarriedPriestley, J.B.1990/91
1113In Blackberry TimeChaplin, Sid(Adpt.Chaplin, Michael & Plater, Alan)1991/92
1114PrinDavies, Andrew1991/92Studio
1115Loves of Cass McGuire, TheFriel, Brian1991/92
1116Henry IV Part 1Shakespeare, William1991/92
1117Puss in BootsNot recorded1991/92
1118Cure at TroyHeaney, Seamus1991/92Studio
1119Present LaughterCoward, Noël1991/92
1120Steel MagnoliasHarling, Robert1991/92
1121Torch Song TrilogyFierstein, Harvey1991/92Studio
1122Mrs Warren's ProfessionShaw, George Bernard1991/92
1123Accidental Death of an AnarchistFo, Dario1991/92
1124Lettice and LovageShaffer, Peter1991/92
1125Small Family Business, AAyckbourn, Alan1991/92
1126Boy Friend, TheWilson, Sandy1991/92
1127Our Day OutRussell, Willy1991/92Youth Theatre - Studio
1128One For The RoadRussell1992/93
1129Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur1992/93
1130Great ExpectationsDickens, Charles1992/93
1131Month of Sundays, ALarby1992/93
1132Beggar's OperaGay1992/93Studio
1134Arsenic and Old LaceKesselring1992/93
1135Riding England Side-SaddleGoulding, Chris1992/93Studio
1136She Stoops to ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver1992/93
1137Blue Remembered HillsPotter, Dennis1992/93
1138Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy DeanGraczyck, Ed1992/93
1139Up 'n' UnderGodber, John1992/93
1140Doctor Jekyll & Mr HydeEdgar, David1992/93
1141CabaretMasteroff, Joe1992/93
1142World of Sweeney Todd, TheScott, Bill & Appleby, Ken1992/93Youth Theatre
1143Railway Children, TheNesbit, E.1992/93Youth Theatre
1144Outside EdgeHarris, Richard1993/94
1145Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William1993/94
1146ShadowlandsNicholson, William1993/94
1147Real Inspector Hound, The/After MagritteStoppard, Tom1993/94
1148Sleeping BeautyEllacott, Nigel1993/94
1149How the Other Half LovesAyckbourn, Alan1993/94
1150Eyes of Another Race, TheFarn, David1993/94Studio
1151Pride & PrejudiceAusten, Jane (Adapt. Constance Cox)1993/94
1152Happiest Days of Your Life, TheDighton, John1993/94
1153Look Back in AngerOsborne, John1993/94
1154Caucasian Chalk Circle, TheBrecht, Bertold1993/94
1155Hedda GablerIbsen, Henrik1993/94Studio
1156Odd Couple, The (Female Version)Simon, Neil1993/94
1157Fifteen Streets, TheCookson, Catherine1993/94
1158Billy LiarWaterhouse, Keith and Hall, Willis1994/95
1159Secret Rapture, TheHare, David1994/95
1160Winter's Tale, TheShakespeare, William1994/95
1161Year of the Hiker, TheKeane, John1994/95Studio
1162Christmas Music HallVarious1994/95
1163Travels With My AuntGreene, Graham1994/95Studio
1164You're a Good Man Charlie BrownGesner, Clark1994/95
1165Death and the MaidenDorfman, Ariel1994/95
1166Wuthering HeightsBrontë, Emily (Adapt. Vance, Charles)1994/95
1167Ten Times TableAyckbourn, Alan1994/95
1168Jeffrey Bernard is UnwellWaterhouse, Keith1994/95
1169Les Liaisons DangereusesHampton, Christopher1994/95
1170Birthday Party, ThePinter, Harold1994/95
1171Cyrano de BergeracRostand, Edmond (Adapt. Burgess, Anthony)1994/95
1172Shirley ValentineRussell, Willy1995/96
1173Dancing at LughnasaFriel, Brian1995/96
1174Merchant of Venice, TheShakespeare, William1995/96
1175Talking HeadsBennett, Alan1995/96Studio
1176Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar1995/96
1177CinderellaMeeks, Philip1995/96
1178Lord of the NorthCharlton, Sydney1995/96Studio
1179All My SonsMiller, Arthur1995/96
1180Jane EyreBrontë, Charlotte (Adapt. Cox, Constance)1995/96
1181Tom JonesFielding, Henry (adapt. McAlpine, Joan)1995/96
1182Lost in YonkersSimon, Neil1995/96
1183Three SistersChekhov, Anton1995/96
1184Evening with Gary Lineker, AnSmith, Arthur & England, Chris1995/96
1186Pal JoeyRodgers and Hart1995/96
1187Educating RitaRussell, Willy1996/97
1188Time of My LifeAyckbourn, Alan1996/97
1189MacbethShakespeare, William1996/97
1190Someone Who'll Watch Over MeMcGuiness1996/97
1191Private LivesCoward, Noël1996/97
1192Mother GooseMeeks, Philip1996/97
1193Death TrapLevin, Ira1996/97
1194Miss JulieStrindberg, August1996/97Studio
1195EndgameBeckett, Samuel1996/97Studio
1196Twelfth NightShakespeare, William1996/97
1197RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne (Adapt. William, Clifford)1996/97
1198Madness of George III, TheBennett, Alan1996/97
1199OleannaMamet, David1996/97Studio
1200Straight and NarrowChin, Jimmy1996/97
1201One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestWasserman, Dale1996/97
1202LootOrton, Joe1997/98
1203Dresser, TheHarwood, Ronald1997/98
1204Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John1997/98
1205Keeping Tom NiceGannon, Lucy1997/98Studio
1206Jack and the BeanstalkMeeks, Phil1997/98
1207My Mother Said I Never ShouldKeatley, Charlotte1997/98
1208Rhyme for Orange, ACraven, Arthur1997/98
1209Tempest, TheShakespeare, William1997/98
1210Little WomenAlcott, Louisa May1997/98
1211TranslationsFriel, Brian1997/98
1212Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, TheBrecht, Bertold1997/98Studio
1213Man of the MomentAyckbourn, Alan1997/98
1214Darling Buds of May, TheBates, H.E.1997/98
1215Neville's IslandFirth, Tim1998/99
1216Tale of Two Cities, ADickens, Charles1998/99
1217Broken GlassMiller, Arthur1998/99Studio
1218Talking HeadsBennett, Alan1998/99
1220ArcadiaStoppard, Tom1998/99
1221Your Home in the WestWooden, Rod1998/99Studio
1222OthelloShakespeare, William1998/99
1223Steamie, TheRoper, Tony1998/99
1224Taking SidesHarwood, Ronald1998/99Studio
1225Wyrd SistersPratchett, Terry1998/99
1226Cripple of Inishmaan, TheMcDonagh, Martin1998/99
1227Present LaughterCoward, Noël1998/99
1228SkylightHare, David1999/2000
1229On the RazzleStoppard, Tom1999/2000
1230Big Marrow, TheRodney, Carina1999/2000Studio
1231After EasterDevlin, Ann1999/2000
1232Dick Whittington in TinseltoonGoulding, Chris1999/2000
1233Seafarers, TheHadaway, Tom1999/2000
1234Canterbury TalesChaucer, Geoffrey1999/2000Studio
1235Ring Round the MoonAnouilh, Jean1974/75
1236Charlie's AuntThomas, Brandon1974/75
1237Camino RealWilliams, Tennessee1974/75
1238Doll's House, AIbsen, Henrik1974/75
1239Easier for a CamelBond, John1974/75
1240EarnestStattersfield, Peter (from Wilde)1974/75
1241Sea, TheBond, Edward1974/75
1242Hello and GoodbyeFugard, Athol1974/75
1243As You Like ItShakespeare, William1974/75
1244Way of the Cross, TheGheon, Henri1974/75
1245Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur1974/75
1246Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1974/75
1247Strange Case of Dr Martin Richter, TheEveling, Stanley1974/75
1248PuckoonMilligan, Spike(adapt by Dixon, John)1974/75
1249Farm, TheStorey, David1974/75
1250Peter PanBarrie, J.M.1982/83Youth Theatre
1251Waiting for GodotBeckett, Samuel1999/2000
1252Sam's ShortsBeckett, Samuel1982/83Studio
1253Oliver TwistDickens, Charles(Adapt. Phil Bradley)1987/88Youth Theatre
1255Bacchae, TheEuripides1986/87Youth Theatre
1256Play with FireMasefield, Patrick & Hawkins, Peter1976/77Gulbenkian
1257Brothers Menaechmus, ThePlautus1977/78Gulbenkian
1258Romeo and JulietShakespeare, William1982/83
1259Cenci, TheShelley, Percy Bysshe1934/35
1260CandidaShaw, George Bernard1999/2000
1261Daisy Pulls It OffDeegan, Denise1999/2000
1262Streetcar Named Desire, AWilliams, Tennessee1999/2000
1263Caretaker, ThePinter, Harold1999/2000Studio
1264Chorus of Disapproval, AAyckbourn, Alan1999/2000
1265Entertaining Mr SloaneOrton, Joe2000/01
1266When We Are MarriedPriestley, J.B.2000/01
1267Taming of the Shrew, TheShakespeare, William2000/01Studio
1268Dead FunnyJohnson, Terry2000/01
1269CinderellaMeeks, Philip2000/01
1270Blithe SpiritCoward, Noël2000/01
1271Dealer's ChoiceMarber, Patrick2000/01Studio
1272Top GirlsChurchill, Caryl2000/01
1273Twelfth NightShakespeare, William2000/01
1274Racing DemonHare, David2000/01
1275Cenci, TheShelley, Percy Bysshe2000/01Studio
1276Sisters Rosensweig, TheWasserstein, Wendy2000/01
1277Fifteen Streets, TheCookson, Catherine2000/01
1278Our Day OutRussell, Willy2001/02
1279Oh! What a Lovely WarLittlewood, Joan & Theatre Workshop2001/02
1280Memory of Water, TheStephenson, Shelagh2001/02Studio
1281Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur2001/02
1282Sleeping BeautyMeeks, Philip2001/02
1283Season's GreetingsAyckbourn, Alan2001/02
1284BloodlinesRees, Noreen2001/02Studio (People's Play)
1285GhostsIbsen, Henrik2001/02
1286Comedy of Errors, TheShakespeare, William2001/02
1287Amy's ViewHare, David2001/02
1288KindertransportSamuels, Diane2001/02
1289Odd Couple, TheSimon. Neil2001/02
1290Once a CatholicO'Malley, Mary2001/02
1291KesHines, Barry & Stronach, Allan2002/03
1292Abigail's PartyLeigh, Mike2002/03
1293Threepenny Opera, TheBrecht, Bertold2002/03
1294Measure for MeasureShakespeare, William2002/03Studio
1295Beauty and the BeastMeeks, Philip2002/03
1296Diary of Anne Frank, TheGoodrich, Francis & Hackett, Albert2002/03
1297Here I ComeYoung, Karin2002/03Studio
1298Hypochondriac, The (Le Malade Imaginaire)Moliere (trans, Forrell, Martin)2002/03
1299Experiment with an Air Pump, AnStephenson, Shelagh2002/03
1300Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton2002/03
1301Under Milk WoodThomas, Dylan2002/03with music by James Russell
1302Unexpected Man, TheReza, Yasmina2002/03Studio
1303Twelve Angry MenRose, Reginald2002/03
1304Stepping OutHarris, Richard2002/03
1305Cooking with ElvisHall, Lee2003/04
1306Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William2003/04
1307Long ShadowsHadaway, Tom and Pauline2003/04Studio
1308No Man's LandPinter, Harold2003/04
1309AladdinCooper, Toby2003/04
1310EmmaAusten, Jane (adapted by Glennon, Gordon)2003/04
1311CopenhagenFrayn, Michael2003/04Studio
1312TrainspottingWelsh, Irvine (adapted by Gibson, Harry)2003/04
1313Sticky FingersGlover, Tony2003/04Studio, The People's Play
1314Hobson's ChoiceBrighouse, Harold2003/04
1315View from the Bridge, AMiller, Arthur2003/04
1316Little Shop of HorrorsAshman, Howard (book); Menken, Alan (Music)2003/04
1317Shakers RestirredGodber, John and Thornton, Jane2004/05
1318AmadeusShaffer, Peter2004/05
1319Jack and the BeanstalkLaidlaw, Paul2004/05
1320Winslow Boy, TheRattigan, Terence2004/05
1321Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee2004/05Studio
1322Servant to Two Masters, AGoldoni, Carlo (adapted by Hall, Lee)2004/05
1323Comic PotentialAyckbourn, Alan2004/05
1324Henry VShakespeare, William2004/05
1325Playhouse CreaturesDe Angelis, April2004/05Studio
1326Lieutenant of Inishmore, TheMcDonagh, Martin2004/05
1327MaskeradePratchett, Terry (adapted by Briggs, Stephen)2004/05
1328Humble BoyJones, Charlotte2005/06
1329Crucible, TheMiller, Arthur2005/06
1330ProofAuburn, David2005/06
1331Puss in BootsLaidlaw, Paul2005/06
1332Single SpiesBennett, Alan2005/06
1333CloserMarber, Patrick2005/06
1334Look Back in AngerOsborne, John2006
1335As You Like ItShakespeare, William2006
1336My Mam Was an Ice-Cream BlondeCarr, Alison2006Studio - People's Play
1337Hay FeverCoward, Noël2006
1338Brassed OffAllen, Paul2006
1339Rise and Fall of Little Voice, TheCartwright, Jim2006/07
1340Krapp's Last Tape and other shortsBeckett, Samuel2006/07Studio
1341Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John2006/07
1342How the Other Half LovesAyckbourn, Alan2006/07
1343CinderellaLaidlaw, Paul2006/07
1344Murder is Announced, AChristie, Agatha2006/07
1345"""Art"""Reza, Yasmina2007Studio
1346My Night with RegElyot, Kevin2007
1347Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, TheSpark, Muriel2007
1348Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton2007
1349AbandonmentAtkinson, Kate2007Studio
1350Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Albee, Edward2007
1351Boy Friend, TheWilson, Sandy2007
1352Lady in the Van, TheBennett, Alan2007/08
1353BrontëTeale, Polly2007/08
1354She Stoops to ConquerGoldsmith, Oliver2007/08
1355Larkin with WomenBrown, Ben2007/08Studio
1356Dick WhittingtonMorley, John2007/08
1357Woman in White, TheCollins, Wilkie (adapted by Constance Cox)2007/08
1358Master Builder, TheIbsen, Henrik2007/08Studio
1359Accidental Death of an AnarchistFo, Dario2008
1361Lucky NumbersYeaman, Mike2008Studio
1362Graduate, TheJohnson, Terry (adapt. From novel by Charles Webb)2008
1363Vincent in BrixtonWright, Nicholas2008
1364Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, ASondheim, Stephen;Shevelov, Burt & Gelbart, Larry2008
136584 Charing Cross RoadHanff, Helene2008/09
1366Blood WeddingLorca, Federico Garcia2008/09
1367Glorious!Quilter, Peter2008/09
1368Old Masters, TheGray, Simon2008/09Studio
1369AladdinMeeks, Philip2008/09
1370Hound of the Baskervilles, TheConan Doyle, Sir Arthur (adapt. Kelly, Tim)2008/09
1371Breath of Life, TheHare, David2008/09Studio
1372Bedroom FarceAyckbourn, Alan2009
13731984Orwell, George2009
1374TeechersGodber, John2009Studio
1375DemocracyFrayn, Michael2009
1376Play It Again, SamAllen, Woody2009
1377Importance of Being Earnest, TheWilde, Oscar2009
1378Cleo, Camping, Emanuelle and DickJohnson, Terry2009/10
1379Cherry Orchard, TheChekhov, Anton2009/10
1380All My SonsMiller, Arthur2009/10
1381Permanent Way, TheHare, David2009/10Studio
1382Sleeping BeautyMeeks, Philip2009/10
1383Black CoffeeChristie, Agatha2009/10
1384FrozenLavery, Bryony2009/10Studio
1386Inspector Calls, AnPriestley, J.B.2010
1387Weir, TheMcPherson, Conor2010Studio
1388And a Nightingale SangTaylor, C.P.2010
1389Pillowman, TheMcDonagh, Martin2010
1390Guys and DollsLoesser, Swerling & Burrows2010
1391Billy LiarWaterhouse, Keith & Hall Willis2010
1392Can't Pay? Won't Pay!Fo, Dario2010
1393My Boy JackHaig, David2010
1394Pig StewVeitch Smith, Fiona2010The People's Play Comp. Winner
1395Mother GooseMeeks, Philip2010
1396PygmalionShaw, George Bernard2011
1397Beauty Queen of Leenane, TheMcDonagh, Martin2011
1398Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, William2011
1399Past GloriesGannie, Tony; Meeks, Philip; Carr, Alison; Saunders, Sue2011Studio
1400Clockwork OrangeBurgess, Anthony2011
1401Pitmen Painters, TheHall, Lee2011
1402PiafGems, Pam2011
1403Song Thief, TheChaplin, Michael2011/12
1404Nicholas NicklebyEdgar, David2011/12
1405Kiss of the Spider WomanPuig, Manuel2011/12Studio
1406Bugsy MaloneParker, Alan / Williams, Paul2011/12Youth Theatre
1407CinderellaCooper, Toby2011/12
1408And Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha2011/12
1409Short PlaysPinter, Harold2011/12Studio
1410Stags & Hens (The Remix)Russell, Willy2011/12
1411Quick Bright ThingsCarr, Alison2012
1412JerusalemButterworth, Jez2012
1413Life X 3Reza, Yasmina2012Studio
1414Separate TablesRattigan, Terence2012
1415Dad's ArmyPerry, Jimmy; Croft, David2011/12
1416Carpe JugulumPratchett, Terry2012/13Youth Theatre
1417Never so GoodBrenton, Howard2012/13
1418Time and the ConwaysPriestley, J.B.2012/13
1419ErsatzOgden, Kevan2012/13People's Play
1420Snow WhiteMeeks, Philip2012/13
1421Arsenic and Old LaceKesselring, Joseph2012/13
1422CreditorsStrindberg, August2012/13
1423King LearShakespeare, William2013
1424Killing of Sister George, TheMarcus, Frank2013
1425Prisoner of Second AvenueSimon, Neil2013
1426BombshellsMurray-Smith, Joanna2013Studio
1427BonesStraughan, Peter2013
1428Calendar GirlsFirth, Tim2013
1419Our Day OutRussell, Willy2013/14Youth Theatre
1420Dancing at LughnasaFriel, Brian2013/14
1421History Boys, TheBennett, Alan2013/14
1422Landscape with WeaponPenhall, Joe2013/14Studio
1423Peter PanBarrie, J.M. adapt. Meeks, Philip2013/14
1424Charley's AuntThomas, Brandon2013/14
1425Women of Troy, TheEuripides2013/14Studio
1426The WardrobeHolcroft, Sam2013/14Youth Theatre
1427MacbethShakespeare, William2014
1428Steamie, TheRoper, Tony2014
1429Woman in MindAyckbourne, Alan2014
1430Duet for OneKempinski, Tom2014Studio
1431Stepping OutHarris, Richard2014
1432Accrington Pals, TheWhelan, Peter/td>2014
1433Gregory's GirlForsyth, Bill2014/15Youth Theatre
1434Habeas CorpusBennett, Alan2014/15
1435In My Father's HouseRobinson, Patrick2014/15People's Play
1436Death of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur2014/15
1437RapunzelMeeks, Philip2014/15
1438Daisy Pulls It OffDeegan, Denise2014/15
1439Taking SidesHarwood, Ronald2014/15Studio
1440Scary PlayJohnson, Judith2015Youth Theatre
1441Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, William2015
1442Yes, Prime MinisterJay, Anthony and Lynn, Jonathan2015
1443God of Carnage, TheReza, Yasmina2015Studio
1444They Shoot Horses, Don't They?Herman, Ray2015
1445Hay FeverCoward, Noël2015
1446Fifteen Streets, TheCookson, Catherine, ad. Rob Bettinson2015
1447Chorus of Disapproval, AAyckbourn, Alan2015/16
1448Five Kinds of SilenceStephenson, Shelagh2015/16Studio
1449Zoo Story, TheAlbee, Edward2015/16Studio
1450Three SistersChekhov, Anton2015/16
1451Beauty and the BeastMeeks, Philip2015/16
1452Murder on the NileChristie, Agatha2015/16
1453EightHickson, Ella2015/16Studio
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